Buy Indian Groceries Online Waterford, Ireland

Buy Indian Groceries online Waterford, Ireland. Minimum order is €20. Cheaper and Door delivered. We have almost 1500 products in stock and have almost 99% or Indian grocery items online.

We have wide range of Rice varieties like Basmati Rice, Sona Masoori Rice, Ponni Rice, Idli Rice, Brown Rice. Browse our wide categories and products to shop online

We also have 99 varieties of Dals and Pulses, 44 varieties of Frozen products, 49 varieties of Flours, 116 varieties of Masala Powders, 192 varieties of Spice Powders, 116 varieties of Snacks on sale.

We also sell Natural remedies from Patanjali products in Ireland, Dabur and Other Natural herbal remedies from India.


Waterford is a city in the south east region of Ireland situated in the head of Waterford harbour. The city is old and population wise it is on the fifth place. It is well known for its waterford crystals. The climate here is moisture with abundant rainfall and temperature. Waterford is known for arts and cultures and events.

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